Download and install SAP

If you only want to run a few analyses using SAP, you can use the web server. Otherwise you should run SAP on your own machine.

Docker image

SAP is now distributed as a Docker image allowing it to run on both Mac, Windows, and Linux. To use SAP in this way, you need to download and install Docker Desktop. Having done that, you run sap from the command line using this command on Mac/Linux:

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/code/sap kaspermunch/sap:latest [arguments]
and this one on Windows:
docker run --rm -v %CD%:/code/sap kaspermunch/sap:latest [arguments]

The first time you do this it will pull the image from DockerHub and run it. On subsequent runs it will run the cached image.

See the documentation for how to use sap on the command line.

Running the image with Singularity

Where it is not possible to install Docker, as is often the case on shared computing facilities, the image can be pulled using Singularity (you only need to do this once):

singularity pull sap docker://kaspermunch/sap:latest

Then just run the image as any other executable:

./sap [arguments]