This page indexes the scientific services provided by the Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) at Aarhus University, Denmark.


HydDB provides access to an accurate classifier for hydrogenase sequences and a curated database of hydrogenases by known type.


SAP identifies species and other taxonomic units from DNA sequences. It uses Bayesian phylogentics to evaluate the statistical support for assignment to each taxonomic unit represented by sequences in a database like GenBank.


Phy·fi is an online tool which can draw phylogenies and other trees in the Newick format. The philosophy behind it is that it should:

  • Be fast and easy to use
  • Supply numerous download formats
  • Allow the user to collapse/expand nodes
  • Offer comprehensive color control


Using a comparative approach, PriFi designs pairs of primers useful for PCR amplification of genomic DNA. The program works with an alignment of DNA sequences from phylogenetically related species and outputs a list of possibly degenerate primer pairs fulfilling a number of criteria, such that the primers have a maximal probability of amplifying orthologous sequences in other phylogenetically related species. Operating on a genome-wide scale, PriFi automates the first steps of a procedure for developing general markers serving as common anchor loci across species. To accommodate users with special preferences, configuration settings and criteria can be customized.